SO excited to share a new piece of work with you guys! I originally published this 24 page zine for the Printed Matter book fair at the Geffen Contemporary at MOCA here in LA!

Sun Bleached is a zine representing a collection of my California-culture-inspired works, including film photography, hand lettering, digital collage and vector illustration! I worked with Prolific Group in Canada to get this printed and they killed it. Vibrant colors, quality paper and overall perfect craft. 24 pages, 5.875in x 8.25in. Above are a selection of pages from the zine.

Sun Bleached is a very limited edition of 20, and IT’S FOR SALE! Only $12, including shipping, payments made via PayPal.  If you are interested in purchasing, please fill out the contact box below and I will reach you via email! xx

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This past Friday I decided to take the day off of work to get inspired around LA. Having a full-time creative job has the potential to really suck the energy out of you. I have found that when I am able to step away from my desk and get amongst the city I produce much better work on a regular basis!

I had a very talented photographer friend in town so we decided to grab our cameras and cruise around, shooting the city! We started on the east side around the Walt Disney Concert Hall and then made our way to LACMA on the west side. I love my city so much. I never forget that, but I just appreciate it so much more when I am not commuting to and from work in traffic.

I have only been living here since this past September so I feel like I have only just begun to scratch the surface on all there is to discover here! If you have any places that you think I need to visit in LA please let me know! I am always craving new adventures.

Happy Monday! xx

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I recently enlisted my good friend, Dani, to help shoot some photos of me wearing a few of my tee designs in my Society6 shop! By NO means am I 100% comfortable in front of the camera but it’s been something I have been wanting to do to promote my tees for awhile, so I figured now is as good a time as ever. I picked three of my favorite tees from my shop and we shot them this past weekend!

I am in love with the tees softness, their comfortable fit, and most importantly, the print quality of the art! You can check out all my tees here. They are also available in mens sizes, as tanks tops and hoodies! Ahhhhh so many choices! And if you do buy one, make sure to take a picture of yourself wearing it and tag me on social media (twitter / facebook / instagram) so I can see!


[ Pictured above: EYE LOVE YOU / BUTTERFL-EYE / BONES ]

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About a year ago I received an email from a producer over at Fox Searchlight Films asking for written permission to hang my “Wander” print on the set of a movie featuring Julia Dreyfus. I didn’t think much of it at the time because the info was pretty vague and they hadn’t even picked out a title for the movie yet. Well fast forward to last fall when the movie Enough Said came out in theaters and I began getting a bunch of emails, phone calls, and texts from friends who had spotted my print in the film! I am super embarrassed to say I waited until just LAST WEEK to finally watch the movie and was stoked about all the screen time my art got.

So major massive thanks to Fox Studios and the set designer of Enough Said for featuring my work. And don’t forget to keep your eyes peeled if you see the movie :)




I recently discovered the iFontMaker app for the iPad and…HELLO, WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN ALL MY LIFE! So last night as I sat on my couch watching the train wreck that is The Bachelor, I drew a bunch of fonts for personal use and decided to share one with you as free download! “Surfy” is inspired by Venice Beach, LA and all things cool. I even included all the extra characters and numbers so you have EVERYTHING you need to make something cool! All that I ask is that you don’t use it commercially and that you credit me and link back to this post.

Download here, enjoy, and make something RAD!


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Many of you know I used to work for Hurley and I just barely left that job back in August! While there, I was designing all the women’s inline graphics. When you’re designing graphics in the fashion world, most times you’re designing six months to a year ahead so you can’t really share what you’ve been working on until the tee is released. So now I finally get to post about the work I designed for the Holiday ’13/Spring ’14 collections!

Above are some of my personal favorites from the current season on Hurley.com! Shop them all here.


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holly daze

Lately I have been having a hard time getting into the Holiday spirit. I don’t know if it’s just been because work has been so busy, or because I live alone so I don’t have my old roommate around forcing me to listen to Mariah Carey Christmas mix on Pandora. Or maybe it’s because yesterday it was 80 degrees (!) in LA. Either way, starting today I am putting on my ugly Christmas sweater and force-feeding myself some holiday spirit.

Every year, around this time, I find myself spending a lot of time reflecting on what I have learned and accomplished over the last 12 months. This year was huge for me. I experienced a LOT of firsts. First time traveling alone in a foreign country, first time living alone in my own apartment and paying all the bills, first time owning a motorcycle, first time my dad has been cancer-free in 6 years, first time having my designs carried in a nationwide retail store, first time I’ve gotten my first real dream job, first time realizing my parents hearts are actually breakable, first time visiting Texas, first time I’ve had a crush on someone in years

I feel like all these “firsts” have taught me so much about myself and human nature. I have learned people are not invincible. I have learned that nobody is perfect. I have learned that everybody has something that eats at them, and that generally everyone is trying their best to conquer it.

I am obsessed with the idea of starting fresh, which is why I love this time of year so much. We all have the opportunity to identify some new goals and try harder this time around. I would like to wish you all a happy holiday season and a very Merry Christmas. Set some goals for the New Year and make it happen, handle business, and be your best self.


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Using my personal logo that I have been using for my branding for a few years now, I created a new textile print called EYES ON YOU that I am offering on all my home goods in my Deny Designs shop! Both the black and white versions are available as shower curtains, sheet sets, blankets, duvet covers, pet products, clocks, throw pillows and SO much more! Shop from the white collection here, and the black collection here!


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