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frenchie print

My people. I’ve missed you.

Last year was a haute beautiful mess. I became Art Director at Society6, got engaged to my best friend, we planned a wedding (resulting in only like 29 emotional and psychological breakdowns), got married, went on a (freakin’ amazing) honeymoon to Tulum, and I created a lot of freelance work in-between. So I was busy and I definitely didn’t post here at ALL. Life happens, and it’s awesome.

So I am starting back up with a little piece I created and donated to Roadogs for their annual auction that rescues Bulldogs and puts them in MUCH happier homes. I illustrated this little Frenchie and the print went to a good home.

If you don’t love dogs then what even are you doing.

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Lately I have been trying to sketch one thing a day. It’s actually been so therapeutic. I come home from a crazy day, make dinner, walk my dog, and then sketch in my favorite chair with a big mug of tea with milk. Does it get any better??

Happy friday everyone, heaven knows I’m glad this day came quickly this week. xx

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Well I finally caved…I created a Facebook page for my art! It is going to act as a central news hub for all my “goings-on” and current projects. I use this blog more as a place for finished products and finalized pieces, so my Facebook is going to show more of the process and sneak peeks! Cruise over to my page Facebook.com/wesleybirdart, give it a “Like”, and stay updated on day-to-day projects!

Plz&Thx, you guys rock.


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handsyI’ve been playing around with iconic hand symbols and how you can transform them from boring to fun! These are just little illustrator sketches for right now. I might do something awesome with them down the road, but for right now, they’re just going to hang out in my hard drive. xx

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sketchesI’m excited to let you all know that I just added a ton of new stuff to my online portfolio! With the addition of a few new lettering pieces, I also added a whole new sub-category, SKETCHES! In there I will be posting little things from my sketch book that are not yet fully developed as well as first drafts that never really made it anywhere! Sometimes I get questions on here and by email about my process and I figured that by showing my sketches, it might give you a little insight on how things start over here! Click this link to view all my newly added sketches directly or the portfolio link ^above^ in my main menu to cruise around my site.

And hey! Hope you’ve all had a perfect Monday! xx

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EYE-SEE-BLOGI just added a bunch of new products to my søciety6 shop! There are two different art pieces based off originals that I drew and painted for my art show back in December! Eye See Skull products can be found and purchased here and the Eye See Hamsa products are here! I hope you like them, I’ve been super into symbols for like the past 6 months. Can’t seem to get it out of my system haha! Happy Monday!


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