This past weekend was a long weekend for President’s Day, and as of last Wednesday, I had no special plans to do anything or go anywhere. I was feeling a little uninspired and felt like I needed to go on a little adventure but was unsure of what I even wanted to do! Jamzilla was going to be taking place in LA as well (the worst traffic jams of all time due to construction on the freeways), so I was feeling like I need to get outside of the city and do something out of my comfort zone.

Fast forward to Saturday afternoon when I found myself driving out to Joshua Tree with a friend – no plans, no reservations for a camp spot, no camping skills, and not much knowledge of Joshua Tree in general…But I was incredibly excited.

I can’t even believe how perfect everything turned out. The trip was the inspiration boost I had been needing so desperately. From sleeping under the stars, to watching the sunrise, to sitting at the campfire reading, to adventuring around the boulders in the desert, to enjoying nature in its purest form…that weekend was a true blessing.

Sometimes I feel myself sinking under the weight of my thoughts, the frustration of disappointment in myself and others, the stress of the unknown. It’s so easy to get caught up in this and forget that we are much more valuable than we may feel at times, and that there is something far bigger than our little worlds that we live in. Joshua Tree was a detox for me. A sweet reminder of the bigger picture and a refresh button for my perspective. I’m heading back out the desert a week from now and I could not be more ready. xx



2 Responses to “DESERT DETOX”

  1. Vasare

    Wow your photography is absolutely amazing, i love what you’ve do with that typography what did you use to create it? I just love all you art in general! ahh would love to collaborate with you Wesley :)


      aww thank you! i’m still practicing and trying to get better but it’s so fun!
      If you’re talking about the one where I wrote my name, I used a flashlight to write my name facing the camera over the period of a 15 second exposure :) My friend does some photography and it was his idea!
      We should definitely do something together! Huge fan of your work as well!


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