LIFE-LATELY-JUNEI figured I would do a little life lately post since I’ve only been posting music mixes and my recent art projects! Since I last did an update, I have been up to Cairns for a weekend where I went skydiving and spent a day out snorkeling around the Great Barrier Reef. For any of you who live in Australia…I just have to say, you are the luckiest! The Reef is the worlds longest living thing, and after seeing it, I would have to argue that it is also one of the most amazing things I will ever see in my lifetime. I shot a roll of underwater disposable film at the different spots we went to on the reef and I canNOT wait to get that roll developed! Some of the coral was so colorful and bright that it appeared to be glowing. And I even swam about 12-15 feet away from some sharks! Literally, the whole experience was ridiculous amazing and I hope I never forget it.

Skydiving was a whole other adventure! I had been once before for my 20th birthday when I was going to school in San Diego. The guy I was dating at the time, who was a Navy Seal, took me as a surprise with a bunch of the guys he worked with. They had all just completed their jump training. I actually wasn’t as nervous then as I was this second time, probably because the guys I had gone with before had all jumped out of planes multiple times and were still alive so I figured that had to mean something haha. This time I went in the tiniest little plane, only 5 people maximum could fit into the plane…without seats, squished into the little shared cockpit space. THAT alone made me freak! Also, the weather was bad so it was the bumpiest ride up to 14,000 where we had to circle for 15 minutes waiting for the rain to stop. When we were finally cleared to jump I was ready to be out of that plane! But all of it was worth it. Sixty seconds of free fall from 14,000 feet will change your life. Your stomach drops, you can’t breath, you’re rushing toward earth so fast that it’s hard to open your eyes and you feel like your clothes might rip right off. Once the parachute deploys you’re just cruising in the sky, with the best most unobstructed view in the world. The jump zone in Cairns is above both the beach and the rainforest. The water was so clear and the rainforest was so dense and green I didn’t want to land. Long story short, everyone should skydive AT LEAST once in their lifetime. It’s the most insane feeling and will scare you enough to appreciate life haha!

Now I am back in Sydney, staying in a little apartment in Potts Point. I am falling more and more madly in love with this place every day. I can’t believe that I only have a few more weeks before I go back to The States! Time has gone by too fast, I could stay forever. Anyway, I have been posting tons of pics on Instagram of my travels so follow me there for some cool pictures of the most perfect place on earth [@wesleybird]!

I included a couple little sketchbook drawings because I have been drawing in it a lot and I always forget how fun it is! I think everyone should always have a little sketchbook with them, even if you don’t think you’re artistic! You just never know when inspiration will strike. xx