Untitled-1I am slowly getting back into being diligent about this blog and all the weekly features I was doing before, like Mid-Week Music Mixes! It may not technically be “mid-week”, but that’s okay, because I would consider this a perfect mix for the weekend. I have been craving a summer house party lately. You know, where everybody comes over after a full day at the beach and just hangs out on the patio and listens to music and makes way too much noise and pisses off the neighbors. So good. Let’s hear it for the weekend! ENJOY! xx

♫ 8Tracks



3 Responses to “MID-WEEK MUSIC MIX”

  1. Ludovic


    Just to tell you that i found your mix and it’s so lovely for me.

    I will follow you for the next mix that you will create because it look like that we have the same tastes about the music.

    Thank you again, i love it love it love it

    P.S : Sorry for my english, i’m french :)

    Have a nice week end



      Aww thank you! Do you have an 8Tracks account so I can follow you? I’m always looking for more good music, and if we have similar tastes I definitely want to check it out! xx

      • Ludovic

        Shame on me, i forgot to answer.

        So yes i have an account on 8 track (bobludovic) but for the moment i didn’t publish anything. It will come in the future.

        I wish you to continue like this in the future.


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