Untitled-10Well….it sure has been awhile. I have been completely overwhelmed by how amazing it is down here in Australia. It is my first visit, and like I mentioned in my past posts, I will be here for a couple months. Seriously, before I came I was struggling big time…unable to get out of a life slump. Know what I mean? Everything was frustrating me, my job, my apartment, and life situations that were completely out of my control. It felt like every power in the universe was working against me and my trip to Sydney. I even got a flat tire while I was trying to move everything into storage the morning of my flight here! Seriously?! But coming here has, thus far, been the greatest blessing ever. I don’t think I have ever felt pure joy more consistently in my life than I have in the past two weeks. For some reason taking a step away from my hectic life back in California has allowed me to more fully absorb the beauty around me. A fresh perspective really has made the most incredible difference. For any of you who may be considering a big life change, do it. I was pretty nervous about coming to the other side of the world all alone, but I just can’t explain the happiness it’s brought me. I think everybody needs to experience time alone every once in awhile to learn more about themselves and challenge themselves to be more confident, emotionally stronger, and open to learning new things.

Anyway, that was me on my soap box for a minute. Sorry for getting a little intense on you. I just wanted to share a little bit of what I have learned incase it inspires even just one of you to do whatever it is that you’ve had your sights set on for awhile now.

Cheers! xx