Untitled-3Sorry I am bombarding you all with posts today! Last one I swear. Alright, here’s the deal, in my Mid-Week Music Mix post I said I’ve put this blog on the back burner for a little…so here’s why. A million things in my life are in transition. I am leaving THIS Sunday for Sydney, Australia for a few months (I explained why in this post). But basically I have been going crazy these past two weeks organizing, cleaning and boxing up my apartment to put everything in storage while I am away. Secondly, I can’t take my dog (saddest thing ever), Sawyer, so I took him this past weekend to Portland so he can stay with my family while I am gone. Thirdly, my family is MOVING from Portland to Dallas the SAME day I am leaving for Australia (ummmm, hi craziest week of my life). Fourthly, I have been collaborating with Urban Outfitters this past month to release some exclusive limited edition prints this upcoming May, June, and July! I can’t tell you how excited I am about that! I will have two new prints available on the first of each month available in stores and online (links will posted here on my blog on the release dates).

As you can see, I’ve been quite the busy bee. So, with that being said, stay tuned for all the Urban Outfitters art updates and Australia adventures! I can’t wait to share ⚓

[ 01 california sunset  /  02 sawyer on his way to portland  /  03 dinner with this guy  /  04 cloud view during my flight back from portland  /  05 little illustration i did in honor of my upcoming travels  /  06 concert with my ladies  /  07 tennis with my little buddy  /  08 evil eye nail art ]


2 Responses to “LIFE LATELY”

  1. Alexi Bullock

    SO stinkin exciting!!!! Nice work! You should be so proud! Live it up in Australia, I have a feeling you’re gonna love it! Can’t wait to see all your fun Instagrams!!


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