ASP-No.24ART: Jen Mann + SPACE: Blood&Champagne + PLACE: Kevin Russ

Jen Mann is an artistic genius and color master. She paints large scale realistic portraits in the most perfectly vibrant and surreal colors. She replaces typical skin tones with bubblegum pinks and icy blues to create these mesmerizing pieces. Favorite thing about her? She makes her prints available to people, like me, who can’t afford to shell out thousands of dollars on all the art I want so badly! Check out her entire impressive portfolio here, or buy her prints here! For the space, I liked this photo of a modern twist on the traditional back woods cabin. The coziness of the neutrals and untreated wood floors mixed with the modern white walls and clean architectural lines is perfect. Lastly is this amazing place photo. I have previously featured Kevin Russ’ photography on a past ASP, but I felt like this wild horse photo just fit so perfectly with this weeks ASP so I brought him back! Double feature haha! Russ is currently living out of his car and traveling all around the southwest taking strikingly beautiful photos on his iPhone! Check out his Tumblr for more amazing photos.

And with that, enjoy your weekend! To everyone going to Coachella…I hate you. Haha just kidding, but I do wish it had worked out for me to go this year! So enjoy the music and heat for me! xx