FOREIGN-OBJECTSYesterday I spent the most perfect day with my family in the most imperfect scenario. It was my grandfathers funeral so we all gathered in Huntington Beach for the past two days to celebrate his life. I had cousins and aunts and uncles coming from Florida, New England and Oregon. Literally all corners of the United States. Even though my grandfathers passing is incredibly sad, due to a particularly painful fight against lung cancer, it really was amazing to regroup with my family and reminisce about his incredible life and the influence he had on all of us. I was lucky to have been able to live with him for two summers during college while I was interning here in Orange County. He traveled extensively while serving as a navigator in the Air Force, as well as later in his life, and I got to hear all about his amazing trips and the remote countries he had been able to visit. During the past six months when he was in and out of the hospital and chemo treatments and radiation sessions, I was able to sit with him both in silence as well as engaged in conversation. I am so grateful for the quiet moments we spent together, appreciating each others company and enjoying each others friendship. I feel so influenced by the person he chose to be throughout his life: kind, genuine, educated, open, accepting and selfless. I’ll be lucky if I end up half the person he was. Can’t wait to see that guy again.

Anyway, thanks for letting me spill. For this weeks music mix I compiled some of my favorite funky and other-worldly songs with some awesomely meaningful lyrics. It includes artists like Baths, Grimes, Foals, and Fryars…so it’s a good one. I hope you enjoy! xx

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