march2013Happy Monday to you all! I hope you all had a perfect Easter and relaxing weekend! With my family back home in Portland, I spent the majority of my weekend drawing on my couch with my puppy. I could not have asked for a more low-key weekend and it was definitely needed. Early Friday morning my grandfather, who had been fighting lung and bone cancer for the past year now, passed away peacefully at home with my grandmother by his side. It was, of course, bittersweet. His struggle had been particularly painful, so for him to finally obtain peace was a relief for my family, and especially grandmother. Death is always such an interesting thing, but I believe in forever families, so I have no doubt I will see him again. What an amazing time to pass away too, with the focus on Easter and the reassurance of eternal life.

Anyway, every once in awhile I like to post special moments in my personal life on here. You know…to keep it real haha. You can follow me on Instagram for more [@WesleyBird]!

01 Hanging out on the shuffle board courts in Huntington Beach with my family while visiting my grandpa before he passed away / 02 Ducks vs. Sharks hockey game with my Hurley ladies / 03 Easter alone time at the beach / 04 Little trip down to Carlsbad for the weekend with Sawyer and my roommate / 05 Repping my Steven Harrington Times tee / 06 Sunday Snuggle Club at home / 07 One of my last visits with my grandpa / 08 Another one from Easter day in Newport Beach / 09 My Hurley girls at the hockey game last week ☯