PALMSThis past weekend my family was down in Carlsbad, CA spending time at our beach house while on their spring break, so I did the short 45 minute drive down from Newport Beach to spend the day with them! I am mildly obsessed with my family…and by mildly, I mean madly. Seriously, I wish we all lived within 30 minutes of each other because they are my best friends and I miss them so much when we aren’t all together. The majority of them live in Portland, OR so it’s definitely not an easy little jaunt to see them…

Anyway, we spent some time by the pool in the sun, went to dinner in Encinitas and watched the sunset on beach. It was a perfect Saturday. Sunday, we were up in Huntington Beach spending more family time with my grandparents and partook in some old school shuffleboard and picnic lunch. Again, it was perfect. Both evenings the sky was sooo colorful during the sunsets so I snapped some photos and did some fun editing to create the images above! Seriously, one of the best quality weekends I have had in awhile. I can’t get enough of my close-knit family….and palm tress apparently!

I hope you all enjoyed your weekend as well! And hey…happy Monday! Yewwwwww! ☯

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