ASP-No.21ART: Joseph Parra + SPACE: Lovely Life + PLACE: Ray Chan

I’m super stoked on this weeks ASP. Joseph Parra’s portrait series was recently featured by Hi-Fructose and I instantly fell in love. His portraiture is so different than any other portrait work I have seen! I love the mix of photography and sculptural aspects, it definitely adds some mystery. Amazing! Secondly, I follow BlackIsTheOnlyColor on Tumblr and Lovely Life just did a feature on his apartment…I want to take over his space so badly. Literally, his apartment is everything I want mine to be. Black and white with perfect pops of color and cool little artifacts scattered about. And can we talk about those bookshelves in his bedroom?! I LOVE books and have so many book cases in my apartment, but I don’t feel like they are getting enough credit with the way I am currently displaying them, which is why I loved his shallow shelves allowing the books to be shown cover out. Check out the rest of his apartment here, it’s perfect. Lastly, I stumbled across Ray Chan’s photo of the NYC skyline and it just made me so happy! I really love spending time in NY, which is NEVER as often as I would like it to be, so this photo is incredibly nostalgic for me. It also makes the city look so calm, which happens to be a feat within itself! Check out the rest of Ray Chan’s amazing photography here.

And hey! Happy Friday! xx


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