ASP-No.20ART: Justin Krietemeyer + SPACE: SF General Store + PLACE: Rowell Photography

This weeks ASP is so psychedelic it kills me. I would classify it even more specifically as contemporary Californian psychedelic-pop…obviously. Hahaha…but seriously, how amazing is Justin Krietemeyer’s work?! He recently had a solo show at THIS Gallery in LA and it was incredible. Loved all the color and bold black combinations. And how cool is that triangular shelving at the General Store in San Francisco? I want that in my house! I really felt like Krietemeyer’s work and the General Store set-up just fit together so perfectly in this weeks ASP. I chose that mountain/moon photo for the place slot because I wanted to pull in the desert/boho vibe without fully throwing us into the desert (and I feel like I’ve already done that a lot…).

Anyway, check out their work and have an awesome Friday! Has this week felt like the longest week ever?! Or is it just me…..