Untitled-1This weekend was slow, but definitely fulfilling! I have a few recommendations for you all, based on my weekend, so you can take it or leave it!

I’ve been doing a LOT of hot yoga lately as part of a soul search I am currently on, and I am slowly getting more and more addicted. I have done it before, and liked it, but for some reason I just find myself NEEDING it! Do any of you ever feel that way about exercise? There is something about hot yoga that is exhausting, but at the same time very fulfilling and I love the way it makes me extremely aware of my physical and mental state. If you haven’t tried it, please do!

Secondly, I watched Nobody Walks on Netflix this weekend. Um hi, amazing. So real, so intense, but they still managed to keep it light, which is something I really admire. Plus, John Krasinski is in it, and I kind of love him a lot. All the music was produced by Fall On Your Sword, a newer music production company based in Brooklyn, and they really nailed it with this one. Listen to this amazing mix inspired by the movie on 8Tracks (not the actual soundtrack). And watch the movie and let me know what you think!

Thirdly, I have been reading more and more poetry in the mast month or so (those who follow me on Tumblr can probably already tell haha). It was something I was really into in high school and college and it has unfortunately fallen by the wayside for a while. But in picking it back up, I have rediscovered so many beautiful things that have really inspired me. I read David Levithan’s novel, The Lover’s Dictionary, and it is incredible. Although classified as a novel, I personally believe the whole thing is insanely beautiful poetry. By strictly using dictionary definitions he tells a very honest and raw story of two people falling in and out of love. I have also been reading Edgar Allan Poe’s poetry again. I have always been a huge fan and own his entire collection of short stories and poetry (oops!), so I was excited to reread some of my favorites. Have any of you read his short poem, Annabel Lee?! It’s a perfect poem about undying love. You can read it here, if you haven’t had the chance to before.

Lastly, I am featured over on TheVisualFemales blog as artist of the month. If you would like to read my interview, you can do so here! A big thanks to Anna for the feature!

I hope everyone had an incredible weekend! I feel like this week is going to be a good week ⚠