feb-23Guys, weekends are the best. That’s seriously the most true statement I could ever make. Two whole days to do whatever you want. This weekend was the most perfect mix of fun and lazy and I’m just overly stoked about it. Friday night my top babe/roommate and I went out to dinner, came home, caught up on all our favorite shows that we had DVR’d throughout the week (New Girl, Mindy Project, Whitney, Catfish!) and called it a night.

Saturday we slept in, got Thai massages (my first experience, I’m never going back to boring Swedish massages ever again!), got lunch, and finally watched Celeste & Jesse Forever (PLEASE watch it, so good!). Later that night we cruised up to Santa Monica, ate dinner at Urth Caffe (my favorite), stopped by the Deus Ex Machina one year anniversary party (huge fan of those guys and their beautiful bikes), hung out with some friends and then went out dancing. I LOVE dancing…seriously, addicted!

Sunday is always lazy day so I didn’t do much. Just hung out with Sawyer, read some more of the novel I’ve been reading lately (The Lover’s Dictionary by David Levithan) and watched a million episodes of Ridiculousness (I’m sorry, but is anybody else madly in love with Rob Dyrdek?! He’s probably my favorite human…).

You’re welcome for the full recount of my weekend, I’m sure you wanted to read all about it! Haha I hope everybody else had an amazing weekend as well. xx

P.S. For anybody living in LA, what do you guys like to do for fun on the weekends around the city or beach? I need to spend some more time up there. I love it.


4 Responses to “WEEKENDS”

  1. rmedina49

    Weekends ROCK..

    I love griffith park, hiking, and exploring downtown!
    Or a stroll through the LA River, it has beautiful sights…The beach is always fun for tanning or working out!

    Malibu canyon has awesome sights!


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