Above is a little photo collage edit I made using two photos I took at two different times of the day down in Carlsbad, California. My parents own a little beach house there and we have been spending time there as a family for the past eight years now. Growing up, my family moved around a lot. My dad is incredibly ambitious, so when the time came where he felt he couldn’t progress any more in his position with his current company, he would move onto better things and my family would follow. I was normally pretty excited about moving and new adventures, sometimes the moves were extremely hard, but my family has always been incredibly close so it made it easier. Anyway, my parents are moving from Portland, Oregon to Dallas, Texas in 8 weeks and I’m kind of sad about it. My family has been living in Oregon for the past six years, so it has become a little home base for me whenever I would go home from college on weekends or visit for the week of Christmas. I’m definitely going to miss Portland. Mostly because I know my family is going to miss it a ton, especially my mom.

But this brings me to Carlsbad! Our little family beach house has become a home base for me and my family, and even though we all seem to be moving around a lot and chasing better things and bigger dreams, we have always had this house to come back to for Thanksgiving and family reunions and I am incredibly grateful for that. When I was in college I remember doing a lithography print of etchings of all the houses my family lived in while I was growing up. At the bottom of the print I added this line, “Home is not a place…it is a memory that feels good”. At the time, I couldn’t get those words out of my head, and I feel like now more than ever that line has been a huge comfort to me. I’m a little sad/nervous for my family’s big transition to Texas, but I definitely take comfort in our home base in one of the prettiest places on earth.


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