Untitled-11Every once in awhile I like to do a post of little snapshots of my life. I apologize to my Instagram followers, as this will be a double dose for you, but above are a few special moments from my life in the past two weeks!

[ 01 My DaydreamerLA tee in Urban Outfitters stores / 02 Tulips my dad sent me on Valentine’s Day / 03 A picture of me when I was little that my mom recently found and sent me (wearing the most hideous dress haha) / 04 A saturday morning spent in the Self-Realization Gardens in Encinitas, CA / 05 Snuggle sessions with my little Tom Sawyer / 06 A photography collage I made using a holga picture I took of one of my best friends in Newport Beach, CA / 07 A bulletin board post I wandered past with the most incredibly appropiate use of grumpy cat I’ve ever seen / 08 A Valentine’s Day gift to myself, a limited edition screenprinted and signed poster by Steven Harrington / 09 Bingo scratchers on Taco Tuesday with my babes ]

And while we’re at it, I’d love to just send a little shout out to all my followers (both here on the blog and elsewhere)! You guys are amazing ⚡ xx



2 Responses to “LIFE LATELY”

  1. faddrops

    I love your work,,,and you didn’t change at all, your face is the same as you were little!


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