ASP-No.17ART: Katie Eleanor + SPACE: Blood&Champagne + Place: Blood&Champagne

Yeah, I’ve been a little absent over here lately. I have had a ridiculous influx of freelance work plus a few things that I need to take care of to move my professional career forward, so the blog unfortunately takes the back seat when my life gets insane. BUT, I didn’t want to leave you guys high and dry with no ASP last week, so here it is on this lovely Presidential monday morning! I kind of fudged my own ASP rules today too, instead of a “place” photo I replaced it with a “vase” photo! Ha! I’m so clever….

Anyway, how cool/spooky/surreal are Katie Eleanor‘s photos?! I love them! They make me feel like I am looking through a crystal ball at someone else’s dream/nightmare/fantastic reality. Please view the rest of her work here, you won’t be disappointed. Also, I’m in love with that cluster of black pots, jars, jugs and bowls stuffed with succulents and cacti. I’ve kept it no secret that I love me some desert plants, and hey! toss them into a beautiful display of gloss and black and I’ve died and gone to heaven! If I were the owner of that loft space I would fill it with Katie Eleanor’s photos and black pots and plants and never leave….

And on that note, I hope you all had a fabulous weekend! I sure did! xx