Hey LADIES! Peace, Love & HAIGHT! This weeks fashion feature is on HAIGHT Ashbury Co., a fashion forward company stocked full of unique, vintage inspired clothing. Pieces are selectively designed for both men and women (lots of pieces being considered unisex) whose hippie-minded lifestyle is confidently expressed in the artistic sense. SO many amazing vintage verbiage tees and one of a kind denim jackets. Overall, I’d feel like I should be cruising around a music festival in all their pieces. And that is DEFINITELY not a bad feeling to have. Check out their tumblr too, I’m a little obsessed. Above is their SP/SU12 campaign video, although it’s from last year, I’m totally stoked on it. Speaking of totally stoked….anybody want to buy me this jacket? please&thanks.

I guess sometimes HAIGHT is a good thing. ☮