face-2Oh heyyyyy! Happy Monday, people. Lately life has been a little insane. I’ve been busy with freelance projects and the 9 to 5, but the more overwhelming part has been the big life changes in the works over here. Quite exciting things have been brewing behind the scenes and I am nervous, but extremely ready, for the next big thing. I have had so much on my mind! I kind of feel like the inside of my head is looking like a shaken up snow globe, and I am definitely ready for that to settle. So…that being said, I am going to enjoy myself in the meantime.

I saw two movies this weekend. Warm Bodies and Side Effects. I recommend both, Side Effects more than Warm Bodies if I had to just pick one, but they were both good. I’m a huge fan of Nicholas Hoult because of the british show Skins, so I was obligated to see Warm Bodies, despite hating all things zombie-related. It was surprisingly funny, I think I just loved the way a lot of the narrative was told from R’s (Hoult’s) first person perspective. I was also in love with the soundtrack. Side Effects was a totally different genre, I would classify it as a mystery drama, and definitely not what I expected from watching the trailer a few times. I loved it. It had lots of twists and I had to focus to keep up, which is something I love when watching movies. That focused feeling reminds me of how I feel when I read books.

Needless to say, I had a pretty mellow weekend, which was exactly what I needed given all my mental conflicts lately. Any other suggestions for movies I need to see while they are still in theaters?  I hope you all had an amazing weekend and are ready to kick it into gear this week! xx