A little while back I did a sneak peak of a project I was working on for JM, the cover artwork for his new album. Well today is the big day! JM’s album dropped this morning (final cover art above) and he was nice enough to let the whole world listen to the entire album AND download it for free! If you are a fan of Wiz Khalifa, Theophilus London, 2 Chainz, or Lil Wayne you’ll definitely be a fan of JM’s new album, After Lights. It’s fourteen tracks of mellow backbeats and edgy lyrics. Pretty sexy too, if you ask me. JM’s manager (as well as my creative director for the project), Tyrone Snipes, described the concept of the album revolving around the idea of “living forever.” Not in the natural or physical sense, but rather by what you do with your time spent living. JM wants to take people through is journey of living forever. He wanted to create a body of work that inspires people beyond his time on earth, impacting people after his days in the spotlight are over. Hence the title. But within the project, JM tells a story nested within the project. Sort of a Mise en abyme. In this story, he portrays how we can live forever through a negative aspect. Affecting people and their behavior in a negative way, with a dark and mysterious undertone. And after listening to the album, I’m fully convinvced that he achieved what he set out to do!

And look how easy I’ve made it for you to listen to the whole thing below! I hope you enjoy it as much as I did!