lifeLife’s been a little different lately. Not bad, not amazing. Super busy with work/freelance stuff and definitely not enough time with my favorite people. And for everyone who has animals, do you ever go through periods of time where you don’t feel like you’re being a very good pet parent?! I was sick for like a week and a half and I am just now getting over it and I feel like my little puppy is feeling a little neglected. I owe him a beach day for sure.

I was over on Breanna Rose’s blog and read a little article about getting the most out of life in your twenties. I am currently 23, and some days I feel so old. I focus too much on my career and too little on friendships and quality time with the people I love. I really want to make working on a better life balance a high priority. I know it’s possible, it’s just all mental. Anyway, read it if you need a little pick-me-up or motivation to change your perspective.

And hey! Have an amazing weekend!

[01. The BEST cookies, courtesy of this guy / 02. little motivational notes to myself in my sketchbook / 03. hurley skatepark / 04. just got a new professional ice maker! oh, the simple things / 05. more notes to myself / 06. the most amazing sunset that i turned into a print / 07. on a layover in oakland / 08. throwing a tantrum about being sick for so long…my poor roommate haha / 09. stress sketch]