ASP-No.13ART: Ben Giles + SPACE: Blood&Champagne (both) + PLACE: Kurt Rahn

At home, I am always hanging things on my walls. I love framed art, and I put it everywhere. But there is something so simple and comfortable about the framed pieces on the floor propped up against the wall in the top space photo. I am also a huge fan of extremely limited color palettes in homes. I love the glossed white and black floorboards and single pops of color, mixing vintage and modern, creating an awesomely simple yet interesting space. I felt like Ben Giles collage artwork fit so perfectly with the space because he collages vintage photography in a way that makes it feel like extremely modern art. With pop-surreal scenes making use of vibrant, out-of-this-world color, you really just want to stare at his pieces all day. Also, BONUS! Giles artwork is affordable! Buy prints of his work here starting at only $15! And damn, that Kurt Rahn really knows how to capture beauty in his photographs. I can’t say it enough.

P.S. does anybody else LOVE when the colors ash grey and cream sit next to each other?! It’s so bipolar in the most fantastic way!