scott-pattFor those of you who don’t know, I do apparel and textile graphic design for Hurley. I actually interned at Hurley the summer after my freshman year of college and from then on had always hoped to end up back here when I finished school. When I finished college I went with a good friend to a Hurley event, which is where I met Scott Patt. Scott was, at that time, the Creative Director of the art department at Hurley. After talking for a little bit and exchanging information I ended up interviewing with him a few weeks later and a couple days after that he extended a job offer! Anyway, I had the privilege for working with Scott for about four months before he left the company to pursue his goal of being a full time studio artist, and although it was a bummer to see him go, I was excited for all the amazing work he was sure to turn out. Well fast forward to now, just under a year since Scott went full-time-artist, and he is onto his third major art show. STILL HERE is a collection of work that “exposes Patt’s philosophical conflicts and shelters whithin memory, superstition, faith, and luck to prep and protect from life’s impending end…or viewed another way, preparing to live in case we find we’re still here.” Read more about his upcoming show in New York from December 6th-19th here or see more of his amazing past works here.

I mean, come on, how amazing is that rabbit with the gold-dipped foot? Looks pretty lucky to me.

[Images from Scottpatt.com]


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