First, I have to apologize for being so lax about posting here on my blog! I really do love it, but a million things just changed in my life lately and I want to give you a little update!

About two months ago I started a new job on the women’s graphics team at Hurley in Costa Mesa, CA. It has been a whirlwind! So busy, so stressful, but SO rewarding! I work well under pressure and for some odd reason I LOVE working under fast-aproaching deadlines…so turns out this job has been really great for me.

A few weeks after I started at Hurley I moved away from San Diego to Costa Mesa to be closer to my job. The move was so annoying (WHEN will moving EVER be an enjoyable experience?!) but I have been so lucky to be able to move in with one of my AMAZING friends who I became close to in San Diego! So now it’s us and our little boys (my yorkie, Sawyer, and her kitty, Tucker) livin’ large in CM!

Lastly, I’ve had a lot of extra really neat side projects and opportunities that have kept me so busy! I was recently photographed and interviewed for the upcoming January issue of SoCal’s Riviera Magazine. SO fun! The photographer, Chris Clinton, was so talented and made it so painless! Below are some photos from the shoot:

And I have also been pretty excited about a few freelance projects with a couple of awesome clothing companies overseas in France and Denmark that I can’t wait to show you guys so stay tuned!

Finally, I want to let you all know that the subject of this blog is going to change just a tiny bit. Before, I used this blog as a way to showcase my finished pieces. But now that I have an official website and a place to send you to buy my prints I would rather use this blog as way to document my never ending inspiration and works in progress! You will get exciting updates here, as well as little snippets of my life and my favorite inspirational imagery.  Thank you all for following my art and crazy endeavors!



2 Responses to “UPDATES!”

  1. Neysa B

    Ok I just have to tell you how awesome and amazing your art is! It’s super rad, gorgeous colors! xxo nb


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