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I recently teamed up with my talented photographer friend, Alex McDonell, to create a ten piece illustrated photo collection we titled The Acid Edits. Basically it gave him an excuse to take rad photos and me an excuse to draw all over them. Here are my favorites. I left a few out because I wasn’t stoked with them, but maybe someday I’ll get around to reworking those illustrations.

Massive thanks to Alex and all the amazing models who let me draw all over them.

Enjoy! xxScreen Shot 2014-10-30 at 12.15.47 PM

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I’ve been doing SO MUCH photography lately for my day job which has been a really fun change of pace. I have found myself making little mental notes of places I drive by in LA that I want to go back to for shoots, which has been fun because I am finding all this beauty in these little crevasses around my city!

By no means am I a professional photographer, but I’m having fun trying something new and pushing myself to be more creative. If you’d like, you can follow my photography account on Instagram: @illshootyouwithmycanon

Happy Hump Day! xx


Untitled-3First off, I apologize for being so absent around here…those of you who follow me on Instagram know how busy I’ve been between work and freelance!

Anyway, I went to Coachella this weekend. And although it rocked my face off I’m pretty sure that was my last year going (then again…I say this every year). Between the sand storms and wind storms and huge blisters from my boots, there were some insanely stellar performances that I won’t be able to forget. Bands that stood out: Lorde, Sleigh Bells, Outkast, Cage the Elephant, Grouplove, Ms Mr. If you get the chance to see any of them live…you really should.

Enough on that. I’ll be posting some new work soon, but in the meantime you can check out my new lifestyle and product photography blog where I’ll be posting photos I take for work at Society6!


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This is my favorite place in Los Angeles at night. During the day it’s teaming with tourists and students and museum goers. But late at night it’s like a little oasis in the middle of this giant city. If you haven’t yet, add it to your bucket list. xx

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This past weekend was a long weekend for President’s Day, and as of last Wednesday, I had no special plans to do anything or go anywhere. I was feeling a little uninspired and felt like I needed to go on a little adventure but was unsure of what I even wanted to do! Jamzilla was going to be taking place in LA as well (the worst traffic jams of all time due to construction on the freeways), so I was feeling like I need to get outside of the city and do something out of my comfort zone.

Fast forward to Saturday afternoon when I found myself driving out to Joshua Tree with a friend – no plans, no reservations for a camp spot, no camping skills, and not much knowledge of Joshua Tree in general…But I was incredibly excited.

I can’t even believe how perfect everything turned out. The trip was the inspiration boost I had been needing so desperately. From sleeping under the stars, to watching the sunrise, to sitting at the campfire reading, to adventuring around the boulders in the desert, to enjoying nature in its purest form…that weekend was a true blessing.

Sometimes I feel myself sinking under the weight of my thoughts, the frustration of disappointment in myself and others, the stress of the unknown. It’s so easy to get caught up in this and forget that we are much more valuable than we may feel at times, and that there is something far bigger than our little worlds that we live in. Joshua Tree was a detox for me. A sweet reminder of the bigger picture and a refresh button for my perspective. I’m heading back out the desert a week from now and I could not be more ready. xx





Awhile ago I posted about new duvet designs of mine that were released for sale at urbanoutfitters.com! Well I’m excited to announce that I have recently released companion pillows cases that compliment the duvet covers and can be purchased separately. The above four designs are the only ones available for right now, but I will definitely keep you updated if I release more!

Locals Only  /  Hot For You  /  You Are Here  /  Forever

You can browse all my products for sale at Urban Outfitters here!


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SO excited to share a new piece of work with you guys! I originally published this 24 page zine for the Printed Matter book fair at the Geffen Contemporary at MOCA here in LA!

Sun Bleached is a zine representing a collection of my California-culture-inspired works, including film photography, hand lettering, digital collage and vector illustration! I worked with Prolific Group in Canada to get this printed and they killed it. Vibrant colors, quality paper and overall perfect craft. 24 pages, 5.875in x 8.25in. Above are a selection of pages from the zine.

Sun Bleached is a very limited edition of 20, and IT’S FOR SALE! Only $12, including shipping, payments made via PayPal.  If you are interested in purchasing, please fill out the contact box below and I will reach you via email! xx

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This past Friday I decided to take the day off of work to get inspired around LA. Having a full-time creative job has the potential to really suck the energy out of you. I have found that when I am able to step away from my desk and get amongst the city I produce much better work on a regular basis!

I had a very talented photographer friend in town so we decided to grab our cameras and cruise around, shooting the city! We started on the east side around the Walt Disney Concert Hall and then made our way to LACMA on the west side. I love my city so much. I never forget that, but I just appreciate it so much more when I am not commuting to and from work in traffic.

I have only been living here since this past September so I feel like I have only just begun to scratch the surface on all there is to discover here! If you have any places that you think I need to visit in LA please let me know! I am always craving new adventures.

Happy Monday! xx

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